The Bar

16th September 2022
Set on the 23rd level of the newly-opened Park Hyatt in Kebon Sirih is The Bar. Modelled after classic New York bars, it welcomes guests with a polished interior, craft cocktails and live music to drown the night, steering away from the idea that hotel bars are exclusive and intimidating.

When it comes to casual drinking destinations in the city, the idea of stepping inside a hotel might not immediately come to mind for many. And understandably so, as the polished interior and uniformly-dressed staff doesn’t exactly shout relaxing after-work drinks. 

Set on the 23rd floor of the newly-opened Park Hyatt Kebon Sirih, The Bar is trying to shake that notion off. Designed to resemble classic New York Bars, its combination of leather booths, light fixtures and a view that overlooks the city’s highrises exudes an energy that’s both calm and inviting.

To the delight of old-school drinkers, The Bar’s leather-bound menu reveals a section reserved for forgotten classics. There’s the Whiskey Sour New York Style to Scotch whisky-based Penicillin and the Churchill.

Steering away from gimmicky drinks, Assistant Manager Katarina Mori shared how “At The Bar, we want to provide a relaxed drinking experience where the craft cocktails are the highlight. Most of the items on the menu are whisky-focused, centred on dark spirits and classic gentlemen’s drinks but with a twist.”

Along with a generous wine and spirits list, in-house creations also find their way into the menu; take the multi-layered Violetta, a mix of Gin-infused butterfly pea tea, Triple Sec, lemon, coconut cream, and grapefruit juice in a unique shade of lavender, and the Pandan Highball, injecting a local punch into the mix. Should one be in the mood for personalised riffs, the bar team will also happily mix one up. 

As the room’s softened glow illuminates the sleek interior, young professionals and expats away on business trips can be seen slowly sipping their Negroni, single-malt scotch, or a chilled pint of beer over animated chatter. That’s until the clock strikes 7 pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays, where the mood shifts and live jazz music starts to fill the room.