16th September 2021
Cozily tucked in a hideaway spot at SCBD, the lifestyle compound TB12 counters the nearby corporate atmosphere with tenants that speak to the urban crowd.

These days, lifestyle compounds that feature curated tenants for the targeted enthusiast isn’t a novelty; for most, it’s often seen as a welcomed alternative to stodgy malls. But within the context of Jakarta, where heavy traffic and air pollution are daily affairs, it’s more relevant than ever. With a selection of establishments to reflect the lifestyle of the community that frequents it, a lifestyle compound is built around serving nearby neighbourhoods with offerings that reflect that enthusiasm. 

What does the presence of TB12, a new lifestyle compound tucked in one of SCBD’s quiet alleys, say about the visitors that it attracts then? All one needs to do is glance through the tenants. Upon entering, the bright yellow metal grille door leads the attention to Serious Spin Studio, a compact store offering all things cycling (essentials and even the bikes). Opposite, Farm Girl serves up quintessential American comfort food in the form of grilled cheese, bagels and burgers over an open kitchen. 

Further in, Spin Room and Super Jung round off the experience. The former is a casual bar that serves up easy cocktails, be it day or play. The latter is a compact boutique store offering a tight collection of womenswear and accessories.

It’s no surprise that TB12 attracts an urban crowd that cares about staying active as much as the pleasure of rewarding themselves with hearty bites. Given the hideaway location, TB12 affords a sense of seclusion that is typically hard to find in the busy SCBD. Expect to see afternoon joggers dropping by for a quick fix of Farm Girl or run into Sunday cyclists ‘nerding’ over bike wear. 

TB12’s location amidst office towers also offers a brilliant opportunity for colleagues to catch up over drinks after work. Spin Room’s signature cocktails, like the unassuming Rolling Raphael and Obviously Oolong, hoodwink you with its juice-like taste, but once the alcohol kicks in, coaxing confidential info from your colleagues will be a piece of cake.

Among the many lifestyle establishments in SCBD that are often stilted in formalities, TB12 has a contrasting demeanour that offers a different take on winding down. By hauling in a different energy and their distinct kind of playfulness, TB12 counters the nearby corporate atmosphere with an easygoing lure.