22nd March 2021
Deep in the Meruya neighbourhood, TANATAP Artisan is a gathering space that is mindfully designed to accommodate people’s way of socialising in the new climate, drawing patrons with its micro-tropical concept along with their pleasant coffee and light pastries.

As coffee shops today evolve into desirable places to socialise and work, TANATAP Artisan offers to be the central hub where communities gather. Pushing past the heavy doors of an unsuspecting building in Meruya, TANATAP was initially meant to be a new office space for architecture firm RAD+ar. However, the folks behind the firm decided to repurpose the ground floor into a collaborative space that is both captivating to look at and conscious of the new habits that people have forged over the past year.

Inside, the tiered seatings are scattered for guests to flexibly make use of their own space, while the outdoor amphitheater-build is dominated with greeneries to befit the establishment’s micro-tropical concept. Unique to the building is its pitched drainage roof that is used to collect rainwater to irrigate the site, where grown plants naturally shape Tanatap’s mini jungle scene. 

Afternoons and weekend mornings get the best of the crowd, where guests leisurely settle in one spot to work or casually hang out after the day’s spree. While offerings are concise, indulge in a lineup of straightforward caffeinated options, such as their house blend of Kamojang and Kerinci beans or the quintessential cappuccino, frappe and es kopi susu. Those feeling slightly peckish can pair it with the shop’s pastries like Almond Croissant and Choco Brownies, or perhaps a sweet Pinky Winky mocktail to lighten up the day’s monotony. 

Since opening early this year, the space has played host to exhibitions and community talks, such as TANATALKS, which guests can expect to see more in the books. Befitting the philosophy behind its moniker “Tanah Nata Atap”, the space is shaping up to become a meeting ground where the creative and the likemind casually convene, leading genuine conversations surrounded by pleasant offerings and environment under one roof.