TANATAP Artisan Ampera

24th December 2021
Where micro tropicality meets sustainable design, TANATAP Artisan once more fills the gap of the city’s crafted outdoor spaces with its second home in Ampera.

Early last year, the ground floor of architect studio RAD+ar in Meruya was remodelled into what turned out to be the first TANATAP Artisan. Luring patrons with the promise of fresh brews in the bask of the great outdoors via their amphitheatre-build ‘garden’, its arrival couldn’t have been more timely, as the city’s pressing need for social distance-friendly slash outdoor spaces soared.

For their second home in Ampera, they stick to what they know best: resourceful architecture and lush landscaping. Upon entering, one is immediately greeted with a full view of the bar area. Through white-tiled doors, a hall leads to the expansive outdoor garden, where visitors are exposed to the structure’s simple, yet impressive open design. 

On the lower level, the garden is enveloped by circular ‘indoor wings’, while outdoors, the space expands into tier-levels, accessible through a stairway that also doubles as seating decks. Teeming with greenery and towering trees, here, the garden is the centrepiece and the building is supplementary, not the other way around. 

Even though the menu is not the main star, it’s delightful for snacking and light lunches; and for those on the go, their caffeinated staples are now available in bottled form. The Pandan Latte and Kopi Susu Gula Aren are popular, but for those with a liking for stronger brews, their Black Coffee does the job. 

Wherever you choose to settle in for the day, whether by the bar, long tables facing the outdoor garden, or under the shade in one of the benches dotted outside, it’ll be hard not to be impressed by the attention to detail: energy-saving features take shape in funnel glass windows and semi-open stone roofs (to maximise natural light and air circulation), as well as a drainage system that trickles rainwater down to keep indoor plants well-fed.

Taking it a step further, TANATAP Artisan regularly brings together the creative community with live discussions, art showcases, and simply, by offering alternative co-working space. From their very own TANATALKS to other cross-disciplinary collaborations, under one roof, all are welcome to join in and enjoy the slice of natural landscape they’ve brought to the metropolis.