Suwe Ora Jamu (Komunitas Salihara)

29th August 2017
Traditional medicinal drink, Jamu continues to receive modern update from Suwe Ora Jamu in their latest spot in Komunitas Salihara.

Even after more than a millennium since its emergence, traditional medicinal drink, Jamu is still more relevant than ever in this fast-paced and technology-oriented era.

While we could mourn over the disappearing of jamu ladies that used to go from one neighbourhood to another, offering shots of jamu right in front of your doorsteps, it’s comforting to know that establishments like Suwe Ora Jamu is keeping the traditions of this ancient remedy alive with a modern take.

Hidden behind the gated walls of Komunitas Salihara, the latest addition of the jamu parlour, Suwe Ora Jamu is decidedly more different than its previous outlets. Gone are the wooden interior and traditional furnishing, the space feels lighter and airy thanks to the glass walls and the stripped back décor.

Of course, customary choices of jamu can be expected here, like Kunyit Asam (tamarind), Beras Kencur (galangal with rice flour) and rosella. But Suwe Ora Jamu is also keen to take it further than that. Have a try on their house blend of Kayu Manis Sitrus jamu, where it is concocted with cinnamon and various citrus peels.

Similarly, Sruput Sehat offers a selection of matcha-based drinks that are mixed with traditional herbs like ginger. Those who aren’t accustomed to the strong bitter taste of jamu should opt for their Jamutisane, where it comes in the form of dry loose herbs ready to be infused with hot water, like how one would brew their tea.

Whiling the slow afternoon away in Suwe Ora Jamu feels like a well-deserved break that your body and mind desperately need, especially in this busy city. Here, the comfort comes not just from the medicinal benefits of your drinks but also the fact that you’re continuing the age-old tradition of jamu.