16th March 2016
After opening their first store in Serpong, the Italian sneakers brand Superga now arrives with their first store in Jakarta, where their famous sneakers settle with ease in a space designed by Andra Matin.

Sneakers, without a doubt, have successfully made their way into becoming the everyday staple for most people. And now, the sneakers landscape in Jakarta welcomes Superga, the worldwide-known Italian footwear brand with their quality sneakers.

Started with producing rubber-soled footwear and boots in Italy, Superga has slowly entered the fashion vernacular after producing high-quality sneakers that are now popular over the world, mostly in Western countries.

Calling Lotte Avenue Kuningan as its new residence in Jakarta, Superga arrived without much fanfare indeed. However, when it comes to making a statement, they certainly nail it.

Dominated in Superga’s emblematic shades, white and red, Superga’s new establishment is sleek and stripped off of all the trimmings of a regular shoe store yet remain striking, thanks to the celebrated architect Andra Matin who designed the space. With plenty of white space that almost resembles a studio, eyes would immediately be cast to the subject of the room: the sneakers.

Here, visitors are able to shop the various colours of the brand’s iconic Superga 2750 sneakers that are neatly arrayed along a deep recess within the walls, including the popular 2750 Cotu Classic in white, which is dubbed as one of the must-have items for the modern-day cool cats.

Although the popularity of Superga has yet to rival that of their sneaker counterparts that are more popular on our shore, their quality sneakers will no doubt be a trustworthy kicks to complete your daily wardrobe.