Sunset Limited

17th January 2022
'90s toys and rare curios go side-by-side with an exhibition space at Sunset Limited’s shop in Grand Wijaya Center. Lending room for local artists to shine, curated items here also boast the founders’ cherished taste for retro eras.

For the last two years, Grand Wijaya Center has been flourishing in a creative burst, thanks to young businesses from F&B to creative studios setting ground in the known sleepy neighbourhood; one to come out of this growing enterprise is Sunset Limited, a shop cum exhibition space concealed on the third floor of unit G40-41.

Back at Sunset’s previous location in Kemang, the space was equipped with a simple menu of coffee and treats, along with a shelf of collectable goods for sale. The latter carries over to Sunset’s new compact hub, where a collection of ‘90s toys and unique curios are strutted on one side of the room and a dedicated wall for an exhibition space on the other.

On the spectrum of old-school and rare finds, the items on offer are a result of years of scouring and collecting by founders, Fandy and Fendy Susanto, who also helm design studio Table Six. Usually copped from Tokyo, and lately, forums for vintage goods and markets, Fandy, in particular, likes to buy things in sets and glints towards items from his growing-up era in the ’90s—better if they pop in colour and are good in material.

As if time tracks back for a moment, where else can you spot a vintage coin bank from A&W Restaurants, an ’80s walkman from My First Sony series and Japan’s Choro-Q pullback car toys side by side? Amongst this old-school hoard is also a lineup of independent local zines and books, cassette tapes from Bandung’s Orange Cliff Records and Sunset’s own designed t-shirts. Much like Fandy’s mantra when it comes to collecting, “Just dig deep and you’d be surprised with what you find!”

Opposite the rack of curated items is a dedicated wall to showcase works of artists and creatives. As an exhibition space, past showings from collage artist Feransis’ first solo exhibition to Leandro Quintero and Deby Sucha’s photography exhibition, have freely utilised the area beyond the wall, thanks to the room’s flexibility to move things around; with hopes of a steady stream of exhibitions to take place at Sunset, the dream is to hold shows for artists beyond Indonesia.

Ultimately, Sunset Limited is meant to be a gathering spot amongst founders and friends; it’s where informal catch-ups and impromptu hang-outs can happen, and it’s through these encounters that the space can organically grow to draw various communities. Just like the items collected and the works of artists showcased, Sunset Limited wants to retain memories of people and conversations, where ideas spark and connections form, even if it means slowly growing the business to sustainability.