Sunset Limited

8th January 2016
Kemang Timur is slowly revamping itself as the favourite playground for creative players. And hangout spots like Sunset Limited further enhances the appeal of the neighbourhood.

Out of all districts in Kemang, the east side has somehow been, unjustly, getting the bad rep as the seedier neighbourhood of them all. Still, even if it’s true, it’s hard not to notice that Kemang Timur is slowly undergoing a “facelift” where it is a current popular quarter for a handful of local lifestyle spots, such as COTTONINK and Goni as well as the home for some creative studios.

Started by twin brothers, Fandy and Fendy Susanto, Sunset Limited was originally meant to be used as a gathering space for their colleagues and close friends as the brothers also run a design studio, Table Six, on the second floor. But Sunset Limited soon finds itself opening its door for public. No doubt, owing to the sociable and easy-going nature of the Susanto brothers. Indeed, it’s hard not to strike up a friendly conversation when the two of them are around.

Focusing on being a hangout spot, the menu is limited to a handful of choices that revolves around coffee, cookies and cakes. As both brothers aren’t very well acquainted with the subject of coffee, they were also quick to acknowledge that their coffee may not measure up to the standard of diehard coffee aficionados. But that doesn’t mean your time in Sunset Limited would be cut short.

The compact establishment exudes an air of ease and familiarity thanks to their well-thought-out wooden furniture placement. Classic childhood cartoons, such as Tom & Jerry and Astro Boy, are projected on a piece of blank wall, effectively stripping the establishment of any intimidating atmosphere. Opposite it, a shelf displays various collectible goods for sale – items like Supreme/Braun ET66 Calculator, Head Porter pouches and Undercover Apple Lamp just to name a few, that the brothers have scoured overseas, especially in Tokyo.

Calling themselves Sunset Limited is definitely a humble gesture. For the establishment, even with its limitations, has managed to convert itself into a charming playground for adults who are still very much young at heart.