5th April 2021
Patrons can choose their own scene at Suasanakopi’s flagship in Gandaria, where unique corners, delectable offerings and a community-driven space click to weave an environment that embraces everyone.

The Suasanakopi flagship in Gandaria – or what they call complex – has all the fundamentals: a picturesque, quaint space to drop by or linger for hours along with the quintessential menu to accompany the day’s break. These are true of any coffee shops nowadays, but at this flagship, every part of the space is mindfully thought to weave an ambience and environment that embrace everyone, a mindset that the establishment has rooted in since its inception in 2017. 

It’s hard to miss the white Scandinavian-style house perched on the main street of Gandaria Tengah. But unlike its polished facade, the situation inside is a fuse of rustic meets edgy that is both a surprise and delight. As designed by Makai Design Company, steel perforated fixtures meet mirrored ceilings, while small wooden chairs are scattered to create the shop’s unique outdoor space. Essentially, patrons can choose their own scene and bask in their own ambience. 

For the folks behind Suasanakopi whose founders hail from Aceh, the pipe dream is to bring Arabica Gayo beans to the world, so offerings here – from the classic line-up of black and white coffee to the es kopi susu iterations – are not only created in their own roastery to bring out the best of the beans but whose productions are also maintained from upstream to downstream. 

Non-coffee variants and pastries pairings get the popular votes here as well, while heavier meals like the Nasi Sawadeekha (a Thai-inspired dish of rice, chicken chilli basil and sunny side up ) and Nasi Suasana Kampung (rice, golden fried egg, fried cabbage and sambal bawang) are also worth the pick. 

Started from a small stall in Kemang, Suasanakopi’s biggest charm is probably their ability to pull in and befriend varying communities, where such camaraderie naturally follows to their flagship in Gandaria and third outlet in Kuningan. At the flagship especially, this community spirit is further forged by regularly hosting events from workshops and live music to exhibitions, bringing together different crowds and energy to make Suasanakopi a thriving space beyond coffee.