Soto Ambengan Cak Di

17th January 2014
At Soto Ambengan Cak Di, none of the chicken parts are left to waste.

In the business district of South Jakarta, it’s not hard to find restaurants and cafes ready to serve you plethora of fusion or western influenced dishes at the drop of a hat. But what if you’re in the mood for something more familiar? Something less ‘sterile’?

This is why discovering Soto Ambengan Cak Di in the upscale area of South Jakarta is a cause for rejoices. Shying away in the quiet street of Tulodong Atas, Soto Ambengan Cak Di has been serving Soto since 1994. But, the establishment is not selling its heritage, for there is no need to when the Soto is exceptional.

Those who are fans of chicken’s innards will be pleased to know that the Soto do comes with the options of chicken intestines, livers and even chicken’s rears. But, if you’re not feeling adventourous, just opt for the usual chicken meat.

Still, if you’re planning to visit this place for lunch, be prepared to arrive early, as the establishment will be packed with office crowd. It is perhaps a mute testament that at the end of the day, nothing beats a meal that is straightforward and cost-friendly at the same time.

Regardless, more than just being a lunch option, Soto Ambengan Cak Di serves as a remedy for those who yearn for some warmth and comfort from the street.