SKIRTS Grill & Bar

9th December 2022
SKIRTS Grill & Bar on Wolter Monginsidi transformed a car garage into a groovy hideout that serves plates of steak, unique cocktails and sweet desserts for a not-your-everyday dining experience.

Steak, milkshake and… classic cars? SKIRTS Grill and Bar is one of the rare establishments that has all three. Situated off the street of Wolter Monginsidi, the recently-opened restaurant transformed a part of a car garage-slash-showroom into a groovy den that serves plates of steak, unique cocktails and sweet desserts for a not-your-everyday dining experience.

In between fun design elements that seem like a blast from the past—playful yellow, mismatched chairs, unique patterns—and classic models of Porsche and Ferrari displayed like an art piece in a museum, Skirts well positioned itself as one of the city’s more exciting eateries that bets on the full experience, from the interiors that effortlessly incorporate classic wheels to the live jazz music that serenades diners. 

Drawing inspiration from a restaurant in New York of the same name, Skirts is unusually focused on a certain cut of steak: skirt—a long, flat cut of beef from the plate section, which happens to be one of the most flavourful and fattier parts of the cow. Slices of the Futari Wagyu SKIRTS steak are thin and juicy, enhanced with flavours based on one’s pick of sauce from the herby chimichurri to the nutty truffle emulsion. 

Other prime-cut steaks are also available, along with non-red meat offerings like chargrilled chicken and gindara (silver cod fish). The menu doubles down on American influences, bringing food-to-share items like Cream Corn and Truffle Cajun Fries, and an unusual pairing of Cookies & Cream Milkshake served with a soft cookie. Throw in the generously-sized and sweet Tiramisu to close the meal.

The specialty of the house may be in the name of the restaurant, but the team also takes pride in their bar that boasts a lineup of well-crafted cocktails, like the vodka-based and citrusy Daddy SKIRTS and the gin-infused and peppery Mommy SKIRTS to a fine selection of wine. 

An experience that doesn’t fall into gimmicks, Skirts is an invitation for diners to truly enjoy the offerings at hand. The cars, the quirky interiors and all that jazz? They’re all part of Skirts’ one-of-a-kind charm.