Six Ounces (Panglima Polim)

17th December 2019
Six Ounces Coffee settles its second abode in Panglima Polim where the homey garden patio is a soothing spot for a slow and all-round cordial afternoon.

Take a saunter down the bustling Panglima Polim, and you will find queues of crowd-pleasing coffee houses within sight. A recent addition to the thriving line-up is Six Ounces Coffee’s new home. Good news for coffee seekers; they won’t be subject to long drives up north for some of Six Ounce’s coffee brewed to the ratio. 

Set like an enclosed garden, its second joint encompasses a lush, sunlit veranda where one can find antiques bedecking the space. In the thick of this green sanctuary, traditional furnishings like Javanese wood carved panels and clay vases are entwined with sleek design that’ll tempt one to stay for hours.

On the porch, an eccentric yellow vespa is ‘parked’ among the wooden tones. While the garden patio puts you in a zen-like mood thanks to its breezy landscaping, the indoor embraces a more contemporary finish. Confined in a brick wall, the indoors touch on industrial-esque design where dome pendants, wooden table sets and a snuggly corner sofa falls into place.

Needless to say that the setting is pleasing to the eyes, but one wouldn’t reach Six Ounces if it’s not for the delish fuel and caffeine combo. Generous on fusion fares, its menu comes aplenty. To start, have yourself a Beef Bitterballen, a classic Dutch croquette served with a creamy mustard dip. As for the early risers, their Benedict Royale, a breakfast plate of poached eggs, creamed spinach and butter poached lobster with hollandaise sauce is a special to covet in the morning. 

For more offbeat spin of flavours, opt for their fresh Crispy Mango Chicken Rice Bowl, where fried chicken goes alongside mango slaw and sambal (sweet chili jam). Choices of salad are also here for the taking, but their Arugula Salad made it to the crowd’s favourites. Wholesome or light, both directions are tough to resist. 

The menu prompts a nod of approval, but it’s no secret that the coffee remains the real deal here. To keep warm in the rainy season, sip on their comforting crème de la crème Vienna Mocha, a hot mocha crowned with whipped cream. If you’d rather go for a refreshing aftertaste, then go for their Rose Overture, a mocktail of rose syrup and soda combo or their signature Iced Mocha topped with vanilla ice cream.

With two branches under their belt, Six Ounces have further proven that they are not just another name in the coffee game. And since their second home is just within one’s reach, it’s time to brace yourself for a slow afternoon in their soothing hideout.