Sensory Lab (PIK Avenue)

19th July 2017
Sensory Lab has reached the shore of Jakarta, establishing not just one but two spots in the mall of Kelapa Gading and PIK Avenue.

Established since 2009 in Melbourne, Sensory Lab has long been one of the most prominent coffee shops in city, expanding visitors’ knowledge and vocabularies of coffee with their affable baristas and regular sessions of public coffee sensory tests.

Those who are well acquainted with Sensory Lab during their stay or travel to Melbourne would be delighted to learn that the establishment have branched out into Jakarta with not one but two venues at the same time. Now coffee enthusiasts are able to drop by Sensory Lab in PIK Avenue.

Though it’s located in a shopping mall, the atmosphere reads easy and chilled. In PIK Avenue, Sensory Lab adopts sleek minimalist interior with warm wooden furniture that is often occupied with young professionals from around the neighbourhood.

But what is sure is that diners get to dig into hearty all-day brunch dishes. To wit, their ‘Shrooms On Toast, BBQ Beef Brisket and The Fri-Ken Benedict (fried chickens and poached eggs on toasty brioche) are the kind of options for those who prefer to start the day with something heavy.

If the usual choices of coffee leave you cold, have a go at their “Coffee Adventure”, where you’ll be served with two espressos and cappuccinos plus one filter coffee of barista’s choice. It is best pulled off with your mate to avoid getting too wired from all that caffeine.

Still, Sensory Lab is easily filed under places you’d like to grab your coffee and brunch if you were find yourself in PIK Avenue.