13th July 2014
Segarra oozes atmosphere of tranquility simply with a scenic sea view that easily cleanses one's mind from the stress of the city.

Situated at the very tip of North Jakarta, Segarra is as removed as one can get when it comes to finding an idyllic spot to spend, say, a balmy afternoon. As such, its location is, without a question, its trump card. The view of the vast sea, unobstructed and occasionally dotted with ships, may not mean much to some. But for most Jakartans, who spend most of their time toiling away in the city, such plain and sincere view alone is humbling as much as it is a pleasant relief at the same time.

It is hard to imagine a scenario where guests have to wait for a table in Segarra given just how sprawling the establishment is. Segarra is as expansive as the view that it provides, which includes both indoor and outdoor seating. It is, of course, natural to be drawn to the outdoor seating that narrows down the gap between the diners and the sea view. But at Segarra, best seats come at a price. Diners will have to spend at least IDR 300.000 or IDR 500.000 in order to be seated outdoor. The latter price allows the closest proximity to the sea with sand underneath one’s feet as an added bonus.

The menu contains a good mix of Asian and Western fare. Still, it’s hard not to gravitate towards pasta or salad when basking under the glorious sun. It is highly recommended to wash down the meal with Segarra’s very own mocktails. The food is no doubt solid and the attentive staffs that arrive before vanishing just as quickly, further bolster the experience.

Some may view Segarra’s steep food price as a drawback. But, other than Segarra, one will be hard-pressed to find a similar establishment in Jakarta to enjoy a lazy day under the sun with scenic view. And thus, cost-wise, it is really a small price to pay.