27th July 2023
Sawdust sets its eye on "subtle luxury", gathering a selection of designer furniture, original artworks and home living accessories from around the globe at its curated lifestyle showroom in Kemang.

Stepping into Sawdust, a recently-opened curated lifestyle showroom in Kemang, a few things jump to attention. Doors are massive with handles made of polished marble; a bespoke aromatherapy scent permeates through the space; and if one is well-known enough in the creative industry, chances are guest relations would be greeting you by name.

This introduction quickly reveals Sawdust’s discerning eye, which is further materialised through its offerings of designer furniture pieces, original artworks, as well as an array of keepsakes that range from shelf decor and coffee table books to laptop sleeves. “[In our curation process], design comes first. And then there’s the quality of workmanship, followed with high-grade, well-sourced materials,” shared one of Sawdust’s four co-founders, Deo Mario.

Contemporary and urban are also the unifying keywords here, allowing for a seamless transition between the different personas carried by the furniture brands at the showroom. The distinctively Scandinavian sofas and dining chairs from Danish-owned Natadora and Sketch make a fine match alongside the eclectic and sustainably-made side tables by New Zealand-hailed United Strangers. Meanwhile, Root & Branch‘s French oak desk, bookshelves and bed add a touch of nature to the assortment.

Spread across multiple zones, each of the brands has its own take on essential pieces to have in one’s home, setting the stage for a variety of room set-ups to take form at Sawdust. The brunch crowd from the attached coffee and pastry shop (Bali-hailed BAKED.’s first location in Jakarta) often drop by to have a quick look through, sometimes making time to muse at the bright and playful graphics by Los Angeles-based illustrator Sebastian Curi or French artist Luc André Marc Pierre‘s abstract collages—all of which are also on sale.

Seeing and feeling the merit of the Argentinian cow leather, the astonishingly textured marble, the ethically sourced wood and the individuality that these furniture pieces and artworks possess, a sneaking glance into their price tags might shock the experienced eye—and in a good way. Simply put, it’s easy to fantasise about bringing the items home. “Most of all, [Sawdust] is not about glamorous luxury, it’s subtle. The time for gold has passed. Wood and leather—that’s the new luxury,” closed Deo.