Sate Blora Cirebon

21st January 2014
Paradoxical name doesn't matter in Sate Blora Cirebon. Not when it comes to mouthwatering satay.

For those who are familiar with the geography of Indonesia, the very name of Sate Blora Cirebon probably comes across as an amusing Paradox. For the uninitiated, Blora is a city right at the very east of Central Java whereas Cirebon is a port city located in the north coast of West Java. You’d be hard-pressed to single out any familiarity between these two cities other from the fact that they’re both found on the island of Java.

However, it simply turns out that the owner is a native from Cirebon who has been selling Sate Blora since late eighties. Here, every servings of satay are served on a hotplate to prevent them from turning cold, a feature that puts them a level above typical Satay in Indonesia. They are also accompanied with two choices of seasonings, mainly peanut sauce and sweet sauce with chopped onions and chilies.

The soft and aromatic textures of the satay are striking, whether it is mutton or chicken, and best paired with piping hot rice. Side dish such as Oxtail Soup is also available, if you’re looking to amp your meal up a notch. This is definitely the kind of meal where one is guaranteed to be working out a sweat.