3rd April 2018
A coffee break in Samakamu is very likely to happen under the company of friends or strangers, just like the name suggests.

Coffee may often be associated with seclusion and me-time, yet to Samakamu, it’s clearly the opposite. Samakamu, which means “with you” in Bahasa Indonesia, thinks that coffee is, in fact, should be enjoyed with the company of others.

Located just right the opposite of Sampoerna building, Samakamu is a coffee shop that is bedecked in a minimalistic yet playful interior. Think pastel hues and elements such as arched entryways, rattan chairs and terracotta pots; it’s got that feel of a designer’s studio that you’ve gained access to. Only this “studio” serves coffee and snacks.

Though the space is rather compact, it doesn’t deter patrons from coming in groups that usually consist of white-collars, looking for an after-lunch caffeine fix. That explains why Samakamu opts to serve light nibbles — delicious homemade doughnuts (made of potato and pumpkin) and Putu Ayu are clear favourites that are often paired with the house’s iced coffee.

Coffee wise, the choices are simple here. One only needs to take a pick at either Es Kopi Sama Kamu (Indonesian iced coffee with milk) or Es Kopi Hitam (iced black coffee). But of course, customary choices like latte and manual brew are also available.

If you wish to avoid the crowd, it is recommended to come early in the morning. It usually gets busy towards lunchtime, where one may have to squeeze next to or even share a table with other patrons. But isn’t that the point of Samakamu?