Rumah Makan Tabona

14th March 2018
An offshoot of the famous Medan eatery, Rumah Makan Tabona delivers the signature curry dish that has stood the test of time over at Pluit.

As one of the most thriving strips in the neighbourhood of Pluit, Pluit Sakti Street is the regular go-to area for nearby residents when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lodged on the said street, Rumah Makan Tabona has stood there for years by relying only on one dish: a bowl of curry.

An offshoot of its first establishment in Medan, RM Tabona’s curry offers up two options of protein (chicken or beef) and accompanying carbs (vermicelli or rice). Although, beef and vermicelli combination is obviously the most popular one with customers. And they are best washed down with a cold glass of liang teh (herbal tea).

Indeed, it may not be much to look at, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. The signature curry broth is thick with flavour and is further amped up with big chunks of potatoes. This particular dish is versatile that even after it’s way past lunchtime there are still regular stream of patrons coming in for a bowl of curry.

Like many other eateries around it, RM Tabona is modest and decked in the usual aluminium tables and plastic chairs. This is the kind of establishment that often sees loyal customers addressing the owner on a first-name basis.

But it doesn’t mean that this place only attracts older crowds. With its close proximity to the popular Ombé Kofie, don’t be surprised to find young customers dropping by for a quick meal before heading for coffee break or vice versa.