Ruci’s Joint

7th January 2016
Ruci now boasts a new sister, Ruci’s Joint, where it gathers newly established F&B ventures under its wings for three months incubation. If you enjoy art and food under one roof, this is for you.

Local artspace, Ruci, is slowly unfolding itself to be more than just a space for art lovers. While its second floor is fixed as the permanent room for contemporary Indonesian art exhibition, Ruci’s ground floor serves as a shared communal space for budding F&B entrepreneurs.

Aptly named Ruci’s Joint, the latter incubates a handful of new F&B establishments with its tenants placed side by side in slick glass booths, akin to a small-scale intimate bazaar. The incubation process takes roughly three months, in which the tenants get the chance to be acquainted with its customers, to refine and update its offerings before the next wave of residents are ushered in.

The idea of Ruci’s Joint definitely goes hand in hand with Ruci, as the artspace also handles the contemporary art it showcases in similar vein – one of Ruci’s aims is to introduce budding artists to the Indonesian art scene. From now on, a trip to Ruci wouldn’t be complete without a going over what Ruci’s Joint has to over. It’s also a great way for one to pause, reflect and discuss on the art works they have just witnessed while relishing on superfood bowl, float or a cup of coffee. But Ruci’s Joint is not just confined to the sphere of food and drink, the space will also be used to host social events and workshops in near future.

Still, the most heartening of all is that the presence of these new F&B establishments attests to the growing lifestyle scene in Jakarta, which is getting more and more robust by the day. And Ruci’s Joint leads the way by pointing out, whether directly or indirectly, that such achievement is indeed a joint effort.