Ruci’s Joint

3rd May 2018
Ruci’s Joint arrived fresh in a new format, serving all-day dining with a variety of crowd’s favourites paired with coffee and cocktails.

Ruci’s Joint’s laid-back appeal has been recognised among young Jakartans, where it used to be known for hosting select F&B tenants in a trendy food-court setting. However, after going under renovation for a while, the establishment has emerged afresh with a new concept on its plate.

Now, Ruci’s Joint presents itself as a restaurant that concentrates on all-day dining, with coffee and cocktails. Despite the change, the establishment doesn’t neglect its previous characteristic and still retains its easy-going charm.

A look at their menu will quickly prove it right, with wallet-friendly offerings that don’t travel far from reliable crowd’s favourites. Down-to-earth choices such as Bakmi Ayam Sambal Matah and Crispy Pork Belly Fried Rice will immediately call to your attention. To be shared, there are side dishes like the savoury Crunchy “Internet” Martabak and Susu Goreng (fried milk fritters) to appease ravenous appetite.

And don’t forget their cocktail selections. The casual atmosphere in Ruci’s Joint induces an impression that cocktail is appropriate at any given time of the day, even when you pair Happy Soda Cocktail (Irish cream liqueur, condensed milk, fresh milk maraschino cherry, soda) with, say, Corned Beef Rice Sambal Matah for lunch.

Whatever the choices of beverages are, from coffee and smoothies to cocktails and craft beers, there’s something to suit your meal. Ruci’s Joint’s updated image is definitely a step above its previous concept. Sure it might take some time for regulars to get used to the new format. But whenever you’re in the area and in need to satisfy your hunger, there’s the familiar Ruci’s Joint that you can always trust.