Ruang Seduh

16th December 2015
Think of Ruang Seduh like a guide for dummies on how to make your own cup of coffee. In this café, coffee enthusiasts will be presented with a non-intimidating guide by baristas without feeling like an actual dummy.

While coffee has been steadily working its way into the daily routine of many individuals in Jakarta, only a handful knows exactly how a cup of coffee is made or what goes into it. That’s because, so far, the most strenuous effort involved when it comes to getting a cup of coffee is ordering it at the counter. All that’s left to do is sit pretty and wait for it to arrive on your table.

Ruang Seduh would have none of that. Located at Ak.’sa.ra Kemang, Ruang Seduh, which means Brewing Room in English, resembles a lab with an interior that is stripped of all colours. While there’s no scientist shuffling about in white lab coat, baristas here are often seen weighing and preparing portions of a cup of filter coffee like it’s a matter of scientific experiment.

Despite its austere impression, Ruang Seduh prides itself in providing a convivial space for coffee enthusiasts to make their own cup of coffee while learning a thing or two about the subject matter. Simply tell the barista your choice of coffee and you’ll be making your own coffee through an easy step-by-step guide.

If manual brew is your preference, just select your choice of coffee bean from the counter. Those who are into single origin coffee would be glad to know that Ruang Seduh regularly features coffee bean from local micro-roasteries, such as Sensa KoffieCoffee Smith and Smoking Barrels.

But don’t feel pressured into thinking that one has to brew his/her own coffee here. You could definitely just place your order straight to the barista or sip a cold brew made by A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers (ABCD). The best part of all, Ruang Seduh is located within the Aksara compound, where there are other similarly interesting tenants such as Kinosaurus, a local micro-cinema that screens independent films, a creative art centre Ganara Art Space, a film developing lab Lab Rana, and many more. Obviously, your stay would be longer than expected, so best come with plenty of leisure time at hand.