4th May 2018
With a handsome venue and a fine selection of grilled steaks as well as alcoholic beverages, Roosevelt welcomes anyone who’s in for a good time with close companions.

Unassumingly located on the top floor of a posh residential compound, Roosevelt is an enclave for those who would like to divert their attention away from a stressful week with meritable food and a drink or two. The name Roosevelt already strikes an allure in mind and the establishment is sure not to disappoint from the moment patrons walk in.

Specialising in grill and bar, this latest addition from De La House offers a variety of aged prime cut meat from the woodfire grill to the plate. Take for example the Diamantina T-Bone, an ample serving of the T-Bone cut served with three condiments to complement the tender meat.  Elsewhere, the Rare Roasted Beef with a side of arugula salad, dried tomatoes and a slice of country bread is a treat for the tummy. But don’t fret if red meat isn’t for you, because Roosevelt offers a handful of poultry, fish options and a selection of sides as well.

For patrons whose drinking habits can be summed up into “it’s 5 pm somewhere,” they’re in luck, for Roosevelt serves alcohol as soon as lunch service begins. With an extensive bar menu, one can choose from a wide selection of liquors and wine to go with the food. When it comes to signature cocktails, have a go at their Elder Martin, a sour vodka-based drink with elderflower syrup, or the Smoking Barrel with dark rum and a biting tangerine taste.

But what encapsulates the experience is Roosevelt’s intimate and handsome saloon that resembles a bachelor’s pad. The neatly scattered couches and armchairs across the spacious floorplan creates an unhampered atmosphere to engage in deep talks with friends till late night. Feeling too buzzed? Head to the balcony for some fresh air before moving on to another round of drinks. Roosevelt will be more than happy to host your night.