Roast Ketapang

26th June 2020
Roast Ketapang holds on to traditional Indonesian coffee without forgoing the modern coffee culture mould with their simple yet classic menu and a homey ambience that welcomes everyone.

At first glance, those who are searching for Roast could overlook the building: this coffee shop avoided the saturated spots to set shop and settled in what was once an archive warehouse from Dutch colonial era in Ketapang, Gajah Mada. The original blueprint has been elevated with a fresh look to boot, transforming their inventory from paper storage into fresh beans.

Behind their vintage facade is an industrial, homelike space with wooden seating and large windows cocooning the premise, but even the quaint set-up takes a backseat to the wafting smells from the countertop; offering a modest range of options, Roast is keen on creating an old-fashioned experience with classic Indonesian coffee favourites.

The everyday cappuccino is the perfect on-the-go drink, but for the long haul, try the kopi melek, a blend of a double shot of local bean espresso and milk for a potent wake-up. Not a coffee fan? The shop’s offerings of the traditional Indonesian staples, like Es Cendol Rakyat or Passionfruit Lemon with Pineapple Jelly, packs just enough sweet flavour and is the perfect complement to a sunny day.

While the drinks remain their top-picks, their selection of homemade baked goods is not to be overlooked. Creating a pleasant aroma, pair your cuppa with a slice of Banana Presso Chocolate Cake or the light Lemon Banana Cake when you want something not too tart to munch on. Over on the savoury side, their Sweet Potato Toast with Kaya Butter along with Soft Boiled Eggs is a breakfast worthy to dig into before a hectic day awaits.

Coffee culture brings all walks of life together. From the young to the old, coffee shops bring more than their dining options, but a space to relax. With most neighbourhoods opting for a more modern minimalist design, Roast Ketapang’s little green and white house brings old-school charms that break the monotony of the daily routine.