10th May 2017
In the midst of the din in Johor Street of Menteng, Rendezvous has been a popular destination for those who can’t get enough of their hearty Chinese Indonesian dishes.

From regular diners to the passerby of Johor Street, it’s hard not to notice the conspicuous sign right outside Rendezvous restaurant. The image of two animated figures locked in a romantic gaze has since been the mascot to the popular establishment that serves up Chinese Indonesian cuisine since 1973.

Lunch is the busiest time of the day for Rendezvous (which means an appointed meeting). From white-collar workers, groups of family to couples, all of them are flocking to the place with the same thing in mind, a hunger for the popular Chinese Indonesian fare that Rendezvous has been serving for more than four decades.

The menu is packed with a plethora of dishes. Here, beef, poultry and seafood are cooked in possible permutations you can think of. If it’s hard to make your choice, just turn to their popular dishes, such as Angsio Tahu Ayam (braised tofu and chicken), Gohiong Babi Saos Tomat (fried pork sausage in tomato sauce) and Ayam Asam Manis (stir-fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce).

Just like the food itself, the interior of Rendezvous has remained unchanged for years, where it has seen different generations of diners, new and regular, waltzing in and out of the establishment. The nostalgia is further bolstered with waitresses in pink uniforms that looked as if they belong in yesteryear.

One thing you will not find here is a quiet ambience, especially during peak hour. For such an establishment, this suggests nothing but a good time. Whether it’s a business tête-à-tête or spirited family reunion dinner, all of them come together with the satisfying dishes Rendezvous consistently serves over the years.