11th April 2016
Located in East Jakarta, Quiznos begins their invasion with hearty, meaty and absolutely messy toasted submarine sandwiches.

The arrival of Quiznos in East Jakarta highlights the fact that Jakartans are no longer adhering closely to rice as a compulsory staple for every meal. Just head to the establishment during lunch hour and you’ll see a long line, formed by nearby white-collar workers waiting patiently for the toasted submarine sandwiches that the fast-food restaurant is well known for.

Diner starts off with selecting their choice of bread (white, wheat or rosemary parmesan) that comes in three different sizes (six, nine or twelve inches) before pointing out their menu of choice. Light eater should be warned in advance that Quiznos excels in delivering hearty, meaty and not to mention, messy sub sandwiches. Indeed, out of all sub menu options, there’s only one vegetarian option and its name, Veggie Deluxe, hints that it isn’t going to be a delicate affair either.

Elsewhere, those who are blood type O would find solace in filling options like Honey Bourbon Chicken, Zesty Steak and Baja Chicken. And if these were not enough carbs and protein in one sitting, Quiznos’ pizza and salad would top that off nicely.

While sub sandwich is also appropriate to be eaten on the go, one is most likely to stay put to enjoy them here. The sprawling two-storey establishment even boasts a spacious al fresco section on the second floor, making sure that your possibly arduous trip to this less-traveled region of Jakarta is all worth it.