Pò Noodle Bar

18th October 2019
From suikiaws to baos, Pò Noodle Bar has the knack for serving Chinese food’s crowd-favourites with bold flavours that pay respect to traditional zest.

More than the chewy and springy texture of noodles, there’s something alluring about their variations and versatility. With a myriad of possibilities, Pò Noodle Bar in Cikajang aces the game by offering merely a couple of the best ways to savour noodles, Chinese style.

Who would expect that one door in Cikajang could lead to a flavourful culinary spin? The noodles served here are handcrafted and it’s such a boon how the texture of each variant pairs well with the way it is served. The mouthfillingly thick noodles for Ja Mian Dry Noodle (with chicken or beef and sautéed mushroom) add depth and dimension to the dish while the slipperier noodles for Sui Mian Noodle Soup (with chicken broth, braised brisket, and fried bean curd skin) sponge up the taste of the broth that’s warming to the body. 

Other Chinese-inspired grubs are on offer to revel on. Their gyoza-like Super Suikiaw (with soy sauce and tobiko) is a signature that pairs perfectly with the noodles just as much it is on its own. A choice of bao, either chicken, beef, or duck, make the ideal one-hand snack to munch on. To balance it all off, their fresh and homemade Jeruk Kunci (a refreshing key-lime concoction) is beyond compare to offset the heavy Chinese style dishes. 

Rock and roll Chinese music loops in the background while the kitchen sits in the middle for a show of noodle pulling by the cooks. To a great degree, one couldn’t help but clap their eyes on mini barongsai hung on the ceiling, to the smallest detail like a traditional hand tear Chinese calendar on the wall. All of which amps up the excitement for a Chinese style feast to come your way.

A cozy space to dine in would appeal for a longer stay, something that’s hard to turn down. Where bakmi stalls usually meant for a quick stop-and-go visit, Pò Noodle Bar vibes differently. And the fact that gorging on their dishes won’t hurt your wallet, it makes it even harder not to fulfill oneself with as much comfort Chinese food they can desire.