Pipiltin Cocoa

10th February 2014
Pipiltin Cocoa proves that there are more than just a few ways of presenting chocolate in the form of dessert.

Named after the noble social class from the Aztec empire, it appears that Pipiltin Cocoa is aiming to elevate the status of chocolate, just like how it was considered as sacred offerings back in Aztec. And the great thing is, they mean it.

In Pipiltin, the chocolates are made from scratch, which means it is processed from the beans (harvested from Pidie Jaya, Aceh, Tabanan and Bali), into chocolate bar. Still, they do not want you to just take their word for it. That’s why you’ll be welcomed with a spacious open kitchen on the first floor the moment you step into Pipiltin. There, chefs move around and give the utmost attention to chocolate like it is a prized, sacred possession.

Their selection of desserts on the menu is nothing short of remarkable. This is because for most part of the menu, it presents new and different ways to consume chocolates. Take Egg No for example, what appears to be a soft-boiled egg turn out to be White Chocolate Pannacotta stuffed with mango inside. Or the imaginatively titled Earth, where a dark chocolate sphere sits among candyfloss and berries compote.

We are familiar with the saying, as a child, to never play with our food when eating. But, Pipiltin stretches out from that boundaries and shows just how creative one can get with chocolate by simply “playing” with it.