Pipiltin Cocoa Sarinah

4th December 2015
Pipiltin Cocoa’s immense love for chocolate has resulted in a new branch at Sarinah. Hot chocolate between shopping breaks is now made available in one of Jakarta’s oldest malls.

It’s been two years since Pipiltin Cocoa was first established and they are showing no signs of stopping on sharing their love and knowledge for chocolate. Their latest effort sees them branching out into the heart of Jakarta, where the chocolate boutique claims a new space in Sarinah Department Store.

While the Barito branch focuses more on the production side and Senopati as a café, Pipiltin Sarinah leans towards the role of a chocolate boutique. As such, the seating is pretty much limited here. Regardless of that, the shop sees regular traffic, thanks to its strategic position that is located nearby the department store entrance and a fast-food restaurant chain.

On one side of the shop, you’ll encounter “Scratch Table”, a tactile display of Pipiltin’s bean-to-bar process and explanations on the origins of their cocoa beans. A tactile experience is indeed the most effective, that’s why customers are encouraged to have a go at Pipiltin’s generous tester to find something that suits the tastebuds – be it their delectable chocolate bar, sweet jams (which include flavours, such as salted caramel and dulce de leche) and their coveted cocoa nibs.

If you wish to take a breather in the middle of your shopping splurge, Pipiltin also serves their signature hot (or iced) chocolate, coffee (beans from Anomali Coffee), pralines, and desserts for some quick nibble.

The location choice that falls on Sarinah might summon questions from puzzled visitors, but the department store is a go-to place for tourists to find local souvenirs; and that also means, introducing Pipiltin’s artisanal Indonesian chocolate to the rest of the world.