10th June 2022
At Pillar, a lineup of fashion pieces, lifestyle items and artworks highlights not only its curation that brings together emerging and established creatives but also a retail experience that spurs the senses and collaborative spirit.

One can’t help but feel an air of exclusivity as they step inside Pillar, a multi-label store located on the second floor of Plaza Indonesia. The clean, sterile look that seems untouchable, the row of sturdy columns and stainless steel cabinets that make the space looks so polished, and of course, the clothes and accessories that flaunt distinguished names such as Peggy Hartanto, Toton, Sean Sheila and Major Minor

Pillar, a collective project between Michelle Tjokrosaputro of Dan Liris and several creative individuals, may look like a template of any other luxury store at first blush. But if one looks closely at the product curation at hand, from fashion pieces and lifestyle items to artworks, Pillar is clearly trying to say something different.

Propped near the entrance are Byo Logics modular handbags, a new line by fashion label Byo, that utilised leather offcuts as its main material. Amongst the clothing racks are the delicate kebaya encim pieces modernly interpreted by ANW, a rising name in the fashion industry. Wafting scents from Scene of Wonders’ natural-made candles and soaps fill the space, while Indonesian artist Rangga Aputra’s paintings and fibre-based sculptures placed at the corners of the store easily make an impression. 

These brands, along with other items featured at the store, make a strong case that fit Pillar‘s four pillars: “emerging, authentic, sustainable and has a cult-following”. More than trends, the team chooses to showcase a variety of designers, brands and artists—be it local or international, emerging or established—that carry a strong and unique identity. And more than a store, Pillar wants to be a space where these creative minds and figures can co-exist, feel supported and even prompt collaborations in the future.

That’s why luxury takes a different meaning here. Even when the store immediately gives off such a feeling, as designed by architecture studio FFFAAARRR, the folks behind Pillar believe the concept itself is an evolving experience. Gone are the days in which retail experience is bounded by the items on display, but more on how the store’s approach and surroundings can make customers feel; at Pillar, senses are stimulated, an appreciation for craftsmanship is embraced and a collaborative spirit is fostered.

The team at Pillar remarked: “We want to create a setting where people can feel and appreciate the works and spirits of the designers and artists. A platform that mixes high-end brands with the work of the young and unknown. We want to create a space in which anyone can gain something from visiting our store.”