Pikul Coffee & Roastery

5th September 2017
Located in Cipete Raya, Pikul Coffee offers fresh brews and familiar traditional snacks while you wait out the traffic.

These days, there are plenty of coffee shops to choose from when you find yourself in Cipete Raya. Just when you thought there’s no room left for another establishment, the neighbourhood welcomes another coffee joint for you to seek refuge from the maddening traffic.

With its modest façade, concrete walls and wooden furnishings, Pikul prefers to keep things simple without forgoing quality. Over at the counter, it is very likely that coffee buffs will recognise familiar faces from Goni during their visits as it is manned by the same team. Take comfort in knowing that you’re definitely in good hands.

Using beans roasted by Pikul themselves, your cup of joe can be enjoyed with familiar Indonesian snacks, such as Kue Lupis (sweet glutinous rice cake) and Kue Kamir. If you’re still feeling peckish or in need of heavier options, you can’t go wrong with their Nasi Goreng Kebuli.

Such informality contributes to the laidback vibe of Pikul. Undergraduates working on their laptop by the window facing the road. Colleagues share light moment over at the floor-seating corner. Whatever your reason is, Pikul works well as a spot to sit back while waiting for the traffic to untangle over a cup of coffee.