14th October 2022
PETAK 25 in Bintaro charms with its cosy, mid-century modern abode that sets out to bring the neighbourhood’s community together over coffee catch-ups, work-from-café appointments and independent art exhibitions all under one roof.

Finding a café to finish the day’s work often comes with a few caveats: it’s either too far, too loud, too exposed to the elements, too pricey for what it’s worth—or worse, has too few plug-in spots. In a stroke of luck for Bintaro residents, PETAK 25 comes unburdened by these quirks, all while catering to the creative scene within the area.

Located on the tranquil street of Jl. Kasuari, the café occupies a revitalised residential house, seamlessly melding with the suburban neighbourhood that surrounds it. It’s a charming mid-century modern abode, realised through a joint effort between PETAK 25 and several design minds: architect Dedi Kusnadi led the revitalisation, Tangerang-based design firm Dhaniē & Sal handled the interior, while graphic designer & illustrator Yudit Halim created the visual branding and artworks that decorate the space.

The attention to design speaks for itself. Whether inside or semi-outside on the sheltered second-floor balcony, homey comfort is sure to be found at the café. Supplemented with the quiet chatter of university students doing their coursework or the trickle of the small creek across the road, it’s as if time moves at a leisurely pace; perfect to spend the day away in idle talks with a friend or focusing on work.

The wide-ranging menu helps too. Curated in a way that encourages a longer stay by covering breakfast to dinner, offerings include light bites like Roti Bakar Petak Coklat Keju (toasted bread paired with cheese and chocolate) to fulfilling dishes like Nasi Goreng Kemangi (lemon basil fried rice). If in need of a caffeine boost, there’s the range of single-origin cuppas and the signature es kopi susu (foamless iced latte), Gyunyu ArteLat. As for non-coffee variants, the sweet and refreshing Japanese Matcha (matcha latte) as well as mocktails like the orange juice-based Akashi’s Passion, can quench one’s thirst with ease.

Up on the second floor is ‘Galeri Petak’, an exhibition space specifically designed for local artists (especially those in the neighbourhood) to showcase their work. “So far we’ve already had three exhibitions catering to various creative communities, including an illustration exhibition by Band of Illustrations, a fashion upcycling exhibition by HVALA and most recently, an architectural exhibition by Dhaniē & Sal and Studio Aliri as part of Bintaro Design District,” shared founder, Praditya Dwi Wicaksono.

Having operated for a year, PETAK25 has seen a mixed pattern of regulars from students and creative workers to families with kids. By design and purpose, it has fulfilled what it set out to be: a place where many aspects of the neighbourhood community can come and gather to enjoy the offerings and space under one roof.