9th February 2017
Paul serves as a pit stop in between your shopping spree in Plaza Indonesia, where you can treat yourself to delish pastries that taste just as good as they look.

With over 400 branches worldwide, the presence of PAUL further proves Jakarta’s growing appetite for French cuisine, where after its first store in Pacific Place, it is followed by another in Plaza Indonesia. Originated from France, PAUL is well-known for specialising in breads and pastries, but the family-run business also keeps the options varied by serving savoury French dishes in the form of all-day breakfast as well.

It’s hard not to be attracted by hearty options like Poulet Estragon (roasted half-chicken served with vegetables) presented modestly over a large white plate. Similarly, main dishes in PAUL looks deceptively simple but packed with flavours, like Oeufs Brouilles (scrambled eggs served with sliced chicken hams and mashed potato).

It’s important, of course, to leave some room for pastries. After all, that’s where the magic lies. One can go no wrong with their fruit tarts, which taste as good as they look. The tarts, with its chopped fruits glazed in satisfying sheen of gloss will no doubt attract the attention of the young and old alike. Classic options from croissant to the Moelleux Citron Framboise are also recommended. If you’re unsure, servers are more than happy to provide suggestions.

Here, the outlet in Plaza Indonesia is divided into two parts. The indoor seating offers more privacy with an entertaining view of chefs preparing the dishes through the kitchen window as the restaurant’s backdrop. Meanwhile outdoor seating area is ideal for those who enjoy people watching as a pastime. It is where the counter is located too, as it teases any passers-by with its handsome offerings: the colourful, scrumptious-looking pastries.

With its location in a mall and being surrounded by branded stores, PAUL serves as a sweet spot where guests could refuel themselves before continuing on their shopping spree. And that will always be a good idea.