8th December 2014
The newly opened Patio, with its winning homemade Italian dishes, is no doubt, going to be South Jakarta's new "best-kept-secret".

From the outside, Patio’s stone fences conveniently shield the establishment from the clamour of the streets and the only clue that this is a Italian restaurant can only be found on a stone tablet that reads “Trattoria and Pizzeria”. It’s as if they’re insistent on keeping patio as South Jakarta’s new “best-kept-secret”. Understandably, it easily transmits off an air of intimidation right before one reaches the table. However, patio is really more about pleasure than business. Even the friendly Koi near the entrance, which swarm towards you as you inch close to the pond, can attest to that.

Once you’re in, you’ll be kicking yourself for thinking it was intimidating in the first place. The attentive staffs immediately settle you in and are more than happy to recommend Patio’s signature dishes or which wine goes best with your choice of Pasta. Patio is staunchly rooted in homemade Italian cuisine and the fact that the establishment offers limited but thought-through menu of Italian dishes itself is refreshing.

The best way to start in Patio is to commence with a starter of air-dried beef carpaccio salad with shaved parmegiano and balsamic reduction. Depending on your appetite, their seafood pasta makes for an ideal personal serving. But, if you’re in the mood to share, opt for Fungi Pizza where its unbelievably soft handmade pizza dough will have you craving for more slices.

Since Patio is built on the concept of “home”, no eyebrow will be raised should you passed the plates around or invade your friend’s pizza with your hands. Here, the real luxury lies in being completely oblivious to the passing time as you prattle on with your friends while helping yourself to another bite of pasta.

The concept of home also extends itself to every corner of patio. In the private dining room, diners chat and dine to the beautiful view of koi circling in the pond against the backdrop of wooden wall and cracked leather sofa. In another separate glass house dining room, diners dine on a raised table beside the hot pizza oven that feels more like dining on a kitchen counter beside a warm fireplace on a cold raining evening. In addition, the glass ceiling also features retractable shades should you worry about exposing your precious skin to the sun during the day.

If your idea of a perfect date is luncheon instead of dinner, then you won’t be let down to be seated with your date by the lush garden with a glass of cocktail in your hand while enjoying an amusing sensation of being in a romantic Rome holiday that really supposed to be miles away.