14th July 2017
While the interior and menu of Parc19 has been spruced up, the establishment still hasn’t forgotten how to deliver a good time.

After operating for more than four years, Parc19 has treated itself to a deserving makeover in a bid to freshen up its image. It’s hard to tell when passing by this restaurant cum bar from the outside. In fact, there’s not even a single clue. Though, regulars of Parc19 will no doubt notice the difference once they are in.

Inside, the interior is revamped and injected with tropical vibe. There’s a mural of banana leaves that serves as an eye-catching backdrop at the other side of the room. In addition, the loungey atmosphere is further anchored with low tables and chairs. Still, the overall change is subtle compared to their menu.

Unlike their previous food options that are mostly focused on western dishes, the new menu of Parc19 is varied and it’s definitely not hard to find something you have a soft spot for, especially if you’re into Indonesian food. The latter is also recommended for first timers who are into hearty dishes like their Honey BBQ Ribs and Oxtail Soup. But lighter option is also available in the form of Salmon Cold Soba salad.

Even with the change of its interior and menu, regulars would be happy to know that Parc19 hasn’t lost its sense of fun. Indeed, just drop by anytime of the week and you’ll find the establishment pumping out tunes from underground DJs and musicians to liven up your night.

Whether you’re swinging on the dance floor or observing the crowd silently from your table with their house cocktail in hand, when it comes to a night out in Kemang, Parc19 won’t be far from your mind.