6th February 2020
Set in a wine cellar-like interior, Pantja in Senopati elevates the dining experience for mid-day meetings and after-hour gatherings from typical to tasteful.

While a good menu will attract patrons to the door, the right ambiance will sway them to stay. With the ever-evolving food industry in Jakarta, Pantja Bar & Restaurant is cordially inviting bon-vivants for a taste of their farm-to-table fine dining.

Inspired by the Sanskrit word “five”, Pantja embraces elements of good food, drinks, hospitality, design and music, for a well-rounded dining experience. Perfect for a mid-afternoon business meeting or a classy after-hours affair, the establishment upgrades the wine cellar-like design with a witting modern bent: tall arched ceilings, dark wood tones and gold accents in a naturally-lit room that exudes exclusivity from the onset.

The menu itself focuses on five components: Snacks, Starters, Grain, Fire, and Farm of top-tier quality ingredients. For an all-encompassing experience, pair the Grain and Fire with the Tortelli, a homey autumnal butternut squash-filled pasta cooked with pork tesa, Swiss chard, and shiitake. Then, balance it with the Picanha; grilled over Rambutan wood, this grass-fed Wagyu comes with braised shiitake, baby kalian, and sesame seed.

After a hearty meal, the cocktail bar will upgrade the night’s treats in their diverse cocktail menu. Want to try something old-fashioned? Try the Punch Bowl, a truly classic way to enjoy the finer things. Perfect for big parties, the Aperitivo packs alcohol, citrus, sugar, water and spice to create the perfect balance of fruitiness and punch. Something for a smaller crowd? Try the Kafir Lime Gimlet for some sour kick. Come lunch service, then one will miss these rounds of libations that aren’t offered until dinner starts. Luckily, patrons can also offset this meal with the restaurant’s sweet Cookie Ice Cream Sundae, made in collaboration with Dough Lab.

Nowadays, it takes more than good food to keep visitors from leaving, and Pantja has scored it with refinement. Thus, while you’re busy entertaining your party at the table, Pantja will tastefully do the hosting.