Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers (Cilandak)

13th November 2018
Ottoman’s is expanding its realm in South of Jakarta with a modish new venue in Cilandak, full of crowd-pleasing coffee, exceptional food and cocktails with attitude to amp it all up.

With an unceasing expertise in crafting coffee, Ottoman’s has, and still is, capturing the hearts of Jakarta’s coffee enthusiasts. After recently residing at Mega Kuningan’s Sopo Del, Ottoman’s is now calling the Cilandak Town Square as its new home.

Much like its sibling in Sopo Del, the Cilandak venue arrived with a warm and friendly ambience. It’s not surprising hear a praise or two from those who walk in, as the scene is well and alive with a vivid color palette of salmon pink, shades of blue and greens.

As usual, great-tasting coffee is all the rage here. However, after Sopo Del, patrons should be aware by now that Ottoman’s isn’t just a place to get a good cup of joe. As seen by the row of liquors on the coffee bar, the place serves a range of alcohol and specialty cocktails in company of the humble caffeinated beverage.

If you fancy, have a sip of the Lemon Tree that mixes lemon, lime and orange with citrus infused rum and sapphire gin, or try the lively Arabica Princess. Enriched with vanilla bean gelato, the cocktail fuses baileys, kahlua, fresh espresso and coffee-infused vodka.

The menu here also deserves their own spotlight, full of mouthwatering fares for anytime of the day. However, upon your visit, don’t miss out on the selection unique to this branch.

To start, share the Fire Spicy Salmon Cracker Toast on crispy brioche toast, tokibo rice and mayo or the Balinese Spice Chicken Satay with salsa kecombrang and coconut flakes if you’re after some heat.

For your satisfying meal, it would be a tough choice between the Chicken Betutu Rice and the Flash Grill Miso Salmon and Dynamite Salmon. The former is a hearty bowl of grilled chicken, lawar vegetables, ‘matah’ salsa and sunny-side up egg. Like a poké bowl, the latter gives a burst of umami with salmon cooked two ways, served over tasty furikake rice, wakame and 63-degree egg.

With this latest offering, it’s safe to say that the Ottoman’s is not holding back in their quest to build a solid stronghold in the city’s F&B scene. Full of good food, coffee and drinks, what more can you need? There’s really nothing to loose here where all parties are welcomed with ease.