Otten Coffee

17th July 2018
Be it home-brewing equipment or handsome espresso machines, Otten Coffee’s offline store in Senopati houses an exhaustive catalogue of coffee paraphernalia.

Aeropress, V60, Chemex – if you think these names concern a scientific experiment of some kind, then you may want to pay Otten Coffee a visit.  The above names are, in fact, coffee-making apparatuses, and they are just a handful of items from an exhaustive list of coffee paraphernalia that can be found in Otten’s new store.

Hailing from Medan, Otten Coffee is an e-commerce that stocks up all things coffee, namely all sorts of coffee equipments that you can think of. And now with their newly-arrived store-slash-showroom in Senopati, customers may have a tactile experience of the products.

Are you a day-to-day home-brewer? Or a complete novice in the coffee universe? Whichever category you fall into from amateur to pro, there’s the right equipment that suits your needs in this store. As stated by Jhoni Kusno, co-founder of Otten, simple home-brewing equipment such as French Press, Aeropress, V60, are popular items that are often sought by the home-brewing clientele. Although he added, a few customers have indeed gone beyond that by taking home some heavyweights of the coffee world, be it a Simonelli or La Marzocco espresso machines.

Despite all that, it’s important to highlight that Otten Coffee puts an emphasis on educating the customers with the basic knowledge of the items they purchase. That’s why coffee novices shan’t worry; once your purchase is settled, there will be helpful assistants who would guide the how-tos of say, your brand new Bialetti moka pot.

Even more so, Otten’s commitment to coffee education doesn’t stop just there. If you happen to miss one of the steps of — for instance — manual brew, you may head straight to their website and get a helpful guidance from their video tutorials.

With its alluring new store, it’s easily tempting to purchase more than two or three items when paying Otten Coffee a visit, even if you initially just intended to go for one ceramic cup for your morning caffeine fix. But one thing for sure, Otten’s offline store is a clear evidence of how coffee has taken Jakarta by storm, and on top of that, establish the viewpoint that coffee is not a fad but a lifestyle of its own.