Open Door

16th May 2023
Open Door in Alam Sutera not only functions as a hub for designers and architects, but also a gathering of communities immersing themselves in an array of lifestyle activities.

As seen from today’s plenitude of lifestyle establishments, the way space is used isn’t confined to a single purpose anymore. As is the case with Open Door in Alam Sutera, which was first initiated to become a hub for local designers and architects, especially around the vicinity, to gather, converse and exchange ideas.

A year into operation, the former paintball and futsal centre has gone beyond that initial intention, combining not only a curated roster of design and interior-focused brands—housed in a compact two-story they call ‘mini studio’—but also a showroom that displays premium furniture and home appliances, exhibition space and communal spots for lifestyle activities to take place.

These mini studios sections the long corridor upon entrance: Sulla Home has jazzed up its store to look like a homey living room, displaying its original designs of hand-tufted wool rugs and the sink-in softness of its cloud chairs; inside Manawa Living, the wooden-clad interior warmly highlights the elegant and chic features of its locally-designed decorative lamps; and the consignment store House Warming Space dedicates its space for home objects and daily essentials that are also proudly local, from Obie’s wooden vases to Arta Derau’s playful ceramics.

Step out from these studios, and one will easily come across Keyhall, a high-ceiling building that mimics a modern-looking industrial warehouse. Perched at the front side of the compound, the multi-function space has seen fashion models to brides and grooms walking down the aisle, seamlessly switching functions to accommodate different kinds of events. At the open area, a plant nursery and shop in collaboration with Pelant has also hosted workshops from pot painting to raised bed gardening—the latter a favourite pastime for young moms to bring their kids to.

At the Backyard, weekend yoga sessions and wellness activities are routinely held, usually with their pet dogs in tow. When the energy is exhausted from hopping from one area to another, one can slide to Buranchi to have a taste of their Japanese-Western cuisine or head to Otella to experience fusion dishes with ingredients freshly grown and picked from their aeroponic vertical farm.

The rundown of activities has naturally shaped a diverse set of communities coming to the compound. With such ease, Open Door approaches the design discipline that can seem formal and serious into something more fun and laid-back. This is thanks to the inclusion of community-bonding activities that have enriched the experience at Open Door, all the while sticking to its original intention of providing another outlet for designers to convene while also supporting young entrepreneurs along the way. The door is wide open here.