One Fifteenth Coffee (Kemang)

20th April 2018
The revered café has arrived in Kemang where it retains the familiar One Fifteenth vibe in a minimalist and monochromatic venue.

By now, One Fifteenth Coffee doesn’t need further introduction. And now, its popularity among coffee and brunch aficionados has led the establishment to their third venue (well fourth, if you count the one in the Soekarno-Hatta airport) and this time it’s in Kemang. For loyal patrons and newcomers alike, this is truly a move that can only be welcomed with much fervour.

If its sibling venues in Gandaria and Menteng scream cosy nest and homey, the Kemang café is setting aside that concept and adopting an even more minimalistic approach for the interior. The elongated venue is coated in clean monochromatic grey, reminiscent of a freight boat by mimicking a steel-like interior but with a polished industrial feel. And with the sunlight illuminating the space from both sides, the venue feels bright and composed, making it a perfect conclave to find refuge amidst a busy working day.

Indeed, the presence of One Fifteenth in Kemang feels like an extended invitation to escape the clustering atmosphere of the office for a change of scenery. During weekdays, it’s easy to picture young professionals settling down with a laptop and a cup of coffee from One Fifteenth’s extensive drink menu. On the other hand, the establishment will naturally attract nearby residents and families to gather for a nice treat on the weekends.

If you’re seated near the open kitchen, the smell of food wafting out will inevitably call for a savoury bite. Try their “Shakshuka” for a taste of Middle Eastern or the “Toasted Cheese Bread” if you’re the brunch-for-anytime type. And if you have the appetite for it, their “Breakfast Burger” is where all the things you love about a savoury breakfast is packed in a satisfying burger.

While the ambiance in Kemang certainly gives off a different vibe from the two other venues, anyone should expect the same distinct atmosphere – that of laidback-ness and refined simplicity with a nod to Scandinavian minimalism. Regardless of who you are, a longtime friend of One Fifteenth or simply a curious passerby, all are welcome on board.