One Fifteenth Coffee BSD

7th December 2022
One Fifteenth Coffee expands its presence to BSD, settling at the neighbourhood’s biggest sports club, The Quantis Club and bringing over its notable coffee and brunch lineup to a well-acquainted and excited crowd.

If there’s one thing that One Fifteenth Coffee (stylised as 1/15) always seems to think through, it’s setting up shop in some of the city’s enviable and strategic spots—be it their Menteng abode, the always-busy Kemang outlet, or Alam Sutera’s comparably different home. In an eager move to explore more neighbourhoods in Tangerang, the coffee and brunch house opens at The Quantis Club, BSD’s biggest sports club, to greet the acquainted and first-timers around the area. 

Settled amongst shops like a Chinese restaurant, a sports gear store and a supermarket, the new home at The Quantis Club naturally gets its crowd going as early as 7 a.m. when they open, drawing club members who probably had just done their round of morning exercise to theifor breakfast. Throughout the day, various customers start to seep through, from a group of girlfriends having brunch to study-from-café students whiling away with their laptops. 

Always striving to be the neighbourhood’s café, “being located at a sports club helps us to be part of the hub where family members and communities can come together,” said founder Nathalia Gunawan. “The response has been amazing. There are a lot of customers that are already familiar with us, but there are also new faces that we have a chance to serve now.”

If the moody setting of the Alam Sutera outlet feels more unique, then the one at BSD will feel more in character with the establishment’s other sibling venues. Letting refined simplicity take dominance, the store is warmly lit with clean interiors and wooden fittings that highlight its high ceiling, coffee counter and open kitchen with bar seating. A peek into the sports club’s facilities can be seen from their small outdoor patio, where a breezy view of the jogging track and swimming pool can be quite peaceful to look at.

Sticking to its dependable menu, the berries sauce-topped Ricotta Pancakes with creme fraiche on the side still managed to be a crowd favourite. Toss in the Organic Kale Salad for a fuller meal to kick off the day. As for the mains, the tender and slow-cooked Braised Beef with creamy mashed potato should do the trick for a go-to lunch or dinner option. Coincidentally, drink offerings here are also on-theme with the location and the health-conscious crowd, serving the flavourful and antioxidants-packed Turmeric Latte alongside their well-known specialty coffee lineup and additions of local craft beers.

Running its tenth year, One Fifteenth Coffee has found a comfortable spot within the city’s brunch and coffee scene that regulars and new crowds alike would still enjoy the same reliable experience at any of their outlets—a telling quality from an establishment that takes its time to hone what they have to offer, from the well-crafted menu to the effortlessly laid-back atmosphere.