Ombé Kofie (Cikajang)

25th June 2018
Find superb coffee and satisfying comfort food in the newest branch of Ombé Kofie in Cikajang, South Jakarta, where they're all wrapped up in the friendly and easy-going atmosphere that the coffee shop has been famous for.

Unless you have just recently taken into the local coffee scene, you would have heard about Ombé Kofie. Ever since it first started in Pluit, North Jakarta, this coffee shop has never slipped from coffee enthusiasts’ lexicon, especially by the fact that Ombé is considered by many as the first to offer specialty coffee in the area.

Three years and seven branches later, Ombé has planted a firm reputation within the city’s coffee scene across the regions, with the inclusion of its latest offspring in Cikajang, South Jakarta.

Blue door, green climbers, wooden window frames – it certainly helps that the exterior of the new Ombé resembles a snug home that begs passers-by to step in. It is roomier than its mother ship in Pluit and features a handful of snug spaces to get together with some pals for hours.

Likewise, when it comes to coffee, it is undoubtedly handled with deft, complemented by their trusted “Dark Side” house blend (consists of beans from Brazil, Aceh Gayo and Flores) and varieties of single origins. Unique to this branch, the customary huge espresso machine is absent from the coffee bar and replaced by elegant taps and levers – that serve as the espresso and steam gear – jutting out from the counter. Simply ask the baristas on duty and they won’t shy away from telling that these apparatuses are called “modbar”, the new gear from espresso machine specialist La Marzocco.

While having a cup of coffee, don’t go past their nosh. All meals of the day is sorted with their mouth-watering comfort food. From the likes of the usual go-to brunch choices, Brioche French Toast and Big Breakfast, to sinful dishes that are big on pork, such as Crispy Pork Belly and Pork Porchetta Chimichurri. Perhaps, a tribute to their North Jakarta roots, an area infested with delicious pork-based dishes.

Indeed, it’ll be hard to find the space empty of visitors on most days. For one thing that they never fail is to draw both old and young customers, whether those who are new or those who have put their faith on Ombé since its beginning. Whoever they are, they’d be more than happy to come back to Ombé for their convivial welcome and, obviously, their kickass coffee.