Oma Elly On 56

30th November 2021
Oma Elly’s private dining experience makes an elegant return from the 56th floor of Regent Jakarta, exciting gourmands with their menu of unflinching Italian flavours and twists.

Those who have had a taste of Oma Elly’s private dining in Setiabudi should already be well-informed of its peculiarities, from its location within a dreary building that doesn’t scream fine Italian dining, to the exposed kitchen with its around-the-clock theatrics laid bare to the eyes and ears of diners. But as far as dining experiences go, they are the exciting and intimate qualities that made Oma Elly all the more special. 

When the pandemic hit, Oma Elly had to temporarily close its dine-in kitchen and shift its gears to online deliveries. A year later in October, the brand carefully resumed its reservation-only private dining to the delight of eager eaters, this time with a change of scenery from the 56th floor of the Regent Jakarta Residences in Gatot Subroto. Opened only for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, it marks a welcome return to Oma Elly’s fancy but familiar flair of private dining experience just in time for the festive mood. 

Here, Oma Elly trades its trademark open kitchen view for the SCBD skyline; dining tables are more breathable in space and modern in style; framed photographs taken by head chef and co-founder Andry Susanto of his holiday trips in dreamy Italian cities are hung on the wall to add some personal touch; in short, certain elements are elevated to tie in with the luxurious surroundings of the building itself. Just when one thinks the new set-up would look too uniform with any other upscale restaurant in the city, in comes Chef Andry with a seasonal six-course menu and à la carte options as a reminder of what really counts in Oma Elly.

Like any other menu in the brand’s portfolio, each dish is deep-rooted in Italian flavours and heirloom recipes that celebrate the brand’s figurehead, Oma herself. The menu on 56 is no different, enhanced by the chef’s experimental approach to creating a new experience. Take the appetiser, 90° Caprese, known as a simple Italian salad made of mozzarella cheese, shredded tomatoes, basil and virgin olive oil; here, the cheese is frozen with nitrogen and one would have to whack the cheese to get a bite of the ice cream-like dish. 

One of Chef Andry’s personal favourites from the menu is the Scallop on a shell that sits atop black beans. The diver scallop is wood-fired in a Mibrasa oven and drenched with an orange-coloured creamy sauce, then sprinkled with parsley on top. Presentation-wise, it’s no wonder that the dish quickly became one of the more popular courses that prod some photo-taking for the feed. 

With plans of continuing until next year, Chef Andry mused that “the new space still encapsulates the raw and honest approach of our previous private dining—just with a better view and amazing service! We still hold on to our core values, it’s just now we have more resources to bring it to life.”

If intimidation precedes the intention of trying out, it’s safe to say that Oma Elly On 56 wears its fine dining decorum rather comfortably. Guests who start to fill the space after 6 pm aren’t dressed to the nines, and Chef Andry would from time to time casually approach diners for a chat. After all, Oma Elly has always been about the genuine enjoyment of sharing and eating good food while making memories out of it. 


The six-course meal is priced at IDR 850,000/pax. Dinner starts at 6 pm at the earliest. Check here for more details.