Oma Elly Gelateria & Pizzeria

17th February 2022
Oma Elly makes its way north with a gelateria and pizzeria in the PIK neighbourhood, evoking memories and creating new ones through a smashing selection of Italian comfort dishes and more.

Anyone familiar with Oma Elly’s brand—be it through its private dining experience in Gatot Subroto or its home deliveries—would know that memories of its eponymous figurehead play a big part in it all. Growing up with Oma’s food, co-founder and chef Andry Susanto has found ways to rekindle the joy from her cooking and immerse it into his own to be shared with many. And at Oma Elly’s gelateria and pizzeria, the same principle applies.

Draped in cheerful yellow, Oma Elly’s new home greets its patrons with warm hospitality. Photographs of Oma in her youth decorate the walls and fill the intimate space with a homey charm, while the lively crew imbues it with jollity. Thanks to this atmosphere, mulling over and taking the time to choose the right flavour of gelato comes without pressure.

On that matter, Chef Andry has nailed his own science to gelatos, sticking to real ingredients and forgoing additives to achieve a distinct creaminess. Batches are made fresh daily, and flavours on offer vary upon ingredient availability. From crowd favourites, Burnt Cheesecake and Coco Loco to traditional choices like Pistachio and Hazelnut Coffee as well as seasonal store-exclusive picks, options abound for flavour combinations that would suit anyone’s fancy to combat the heat of the North Jakarta sun.

As for the other items on the menu, the eatery keeps things familiar by transferring well-loved recipes from its Setiabudi kitchen like the Beef Pancetta Pizza and Spaghetti Alla Pesto. True to Oma Elly’s signature, everything is made fresh by hand without shortcuts to present the ingredients as genuinely as possible with each dish.

While Oma Elly focuses itself on Italian staples, don’t be surprised upon discovering menu items that stray from the norm, with ideas drawn from treasured everyday moments from the team. A case in point is the Classic Cheesecake dessert, which was inspired by an episode of Friends (“The One with All the Cheesecakes), an iconic American sitcom from the ‘90s that both Chef Andry and his sister love. 

There’s an undeniable charm to nostalgia that many find comfort in. And through good food and good company, Oma Elly once again evokes that through its gelateria and pizzeria, bringing forth pleasant memories while creating new ones.