Object Coffee Bar

1st October 2021
Coffee and cocktails combine at Object Coffee Bar. Taking over the ground floor of A3000’s creative compound, the bar reignites the coffee scene with its approachable caffeine-infused cocktails to begin or close the night.

As the front-facing outlet of the A3000 compound, Object Coffee Bar greets visitors with an eye-catching sleek steel bar and overhead running text LED that displays its name. Striking a balance between industrial and neo-futuristic, the interior is kept fuss-free with steel fixtures dotted around the room and a seating area that’s limited to the bar. Other than the bright neon holographic accents that pop out against the silver and concrete backdrop, the decor is kept bare, creating space for their playful drinks to shine as the bar’s highlight.  

Taking cues from this, Object Coffee Bar pivots away from typical milk-and-coffee beverages and directs its menu towards floral and fruity flavours with their string of cocktails and mocktails. To suggest different ways one can enjoy their daily dose of caffeine, their drink menu is whipped together with 2018 Indonesian Barista champion Muhammad Aga. No stranger to the coffee scene, Aga collides cold brews with alcoholic and non-alcoholic bases and kept things lively with an Omakasestyle service during the bar’s opening.  

Favourites include Petals (earl grey, rose water, pina lemon and malt extract), Linger (cold brew, lemon, osmanthus, cranberry juice), and Stardust (cold brew, grape, pina lemon and lavender extract). Their menu is compact, but a quick chat with the barista over the open bar will earn you a pleasant surprise, an out-of-menu drink crafted especially to match your fancy. 

Coffee enthusiasts and bar-hoppers will find a shared home in this coffee bar. Swing by for a chill after-work drink, or if you’re in the mood to dance, start your evening here before heading upstairs to disco at Ding Dong.