Nothing Personal

7th June 2024
In an ironic twist, Nothing Personal enjoys infusing personal elements into its newly-opened dessert bar on the quiet Lamandau Street near Blok M, serving housemade dessert that blossomed from midnight experiments in the kitchen.

It doesn’t take long to realise that at Nothing Personal, a newly opened dessert bar tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood near Blok M, things are, indeed, quite personal.

For one, the peculiar opening time (2 PM until 2 AM) hints at co-founder Sharon ‘Shar’ Claresta‘s penchant for late-night snacking on sweets. “What started as my midnight experiments in the kitchen has now blossomed into a dessert bar,” shared the creative mind behind the project, who first founded the business during the pandemic as an online dessert shop.

“Ultimately, taste is very subjective. So with our creations, we try not to take [negative] comments to heart, especially because it started out as a hobby and we’re not professionally trained. If they like what we make, then I’m grateful, but if they don’t, then it’s nothing personal.”

In an ironic twist, Shar enjoys infusing bits and pieces of her personal life into the dessert bar. It’s woven into the details of the space, a quaint house-garage-turned-café designed by Rama and Romy Dwiwahyu. Behind the wall-to-wall glass façade and airy white curtains stand ceramic vases from Shar’s grandmother, a tribute to the woman who taught her everything she knows about cooking and baking. Meanwhile, red highlights in the floral arrangements to the central light fixture reflect not just the Nothing Personal logo, but also Shar’s astrological sign—which falls under the fire element.

Fittingly, housemade dessert is the only thing on the menu here, accompanied by a concise selection of house-blend coffee to balance the sweetness. The Pavlova is Shar’s take on the classic dessert inspired by Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, where Greek yoghurt comes in place of the customary whipped cream for a more gentle sweetness, topped with seasonal fruits. Another signature is the Bread Pudding, a simple and comforting pair of “up-cycled croissant loaves” with Nothing Personal’s honey rosemary mascarpone gelato.

The gelato lineup is worth exploring on its own; Shar has come up with flavours beyond the ordinary by implementing herbs and spices from various cuisines and cultures (true to her time living for ten years in New York City). Try the refreshing Strawberry Basil, a delightful blend of fruity and herbal notes, or the increasingly popular Vanilla Greek Way, which offers an interesting mix of creamy vanilla gelato, drizzled olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

As night falls and the lights cast a warm glow, the romantic atmosphere of the intimate dessert bar becomes harder to ignore. Even while visiting alone, it’s the kind of place that beckons one to return, perhaps with someone special to share the experience the next time around. And if your date isn’t as convinced by its charm—well, it’s nothing personal.