7th May 2018
The neighbourhood coffee shop TwentyFifth has reinvented itself into a café-bar hub for the youth, where one can find comfort in downing a glass of cocktail at any time of the day.

Sitting right next to LEÓN, TwentyFifth was recognised as the former’s younger sibling, the friendly neighbourhood coffee shop serving comfort indulgences like pizza, pastries and gelato, along with great coffee. But now, the coffee shop has shifted gears and now retreads itself into a tantalising café-bar, good to frequent at any time of the day.

From the menu to the concept, TwentyFifth’s makeover was done down to the details. To keep up with their new face, the interior has been spruced up to a stylishly masculine venue where dark muted hues dominate the walls and furniture. While the old venue was separated into a smoking and non-smoking area by a glass window, the divider is now gone and combines the entire space into a smoking area.

The revamped establishment now celebrates the young crowd’s adoration for coffee and wicked libations. Perhaps, one can always start the day with the favourite Classic Es Kopi, the revered iced coffee that the establishment still carries to their new café. Elsewhere, if you’re feeling frisky, liven it up with some of their signature cocktails such as the beautifully presented Summer in a Glass or a Ron Peach that’s served over dry ice. There is a bit of mischievous comfort in knowing that an establishment will gladly offer your poison at anytime during the day. So, why not?

Food-wise, the new TwentyFifth has ridden of its pastries and gelato, and focuses on heartier meals. The Seafood Platter is a good-to-share dish to have as an afternoon snack with peers. However, some highlights from this establishment are the rice bowls, such as the Indian curry Chicken Tikka Masala. While you can share this one, it’s unlikely that you will want to.

While this makeover wasn’t really called for, it has made the establishment feel more desirable without over-doing it. Certainly, it’s easy to picture oneself linger at the newly revamped TwentyFifth for longer than intended, especially now that the café serves alcohol too.