Nasi Goreng MPR

28th January 2014
Nasi Goreng MPR demonstrates why fried rice will remain as the ubiquitous classic of Indonesian food.

Sometimes, the most simple dish is the most difficult to pull off. How do you balance the taste of straightforward fried rice to everyone’s liking? Given the fact that in Indonesia, everyone bound to have a say or two on how fried rice should taste. Still, in the face of such gargantuan expectation, Nasi Goreng MPR managed to accomplish it with aplomb.

Here, they nailed the taste down with the rice – moist with a faint burnt aftertaste. Served with shredded chicken meat and fried egg, either sunny side up or omelette, how it should taste next is up to you. If you think fried rice should be spicy, crunch down the chilies by the side. If not, ignore it. Same goes for the pickled vegetables.

Though located along the main road, it helps to slow down the car while searching for it. Blink just for a second and you might miss this modest stall. But, a sure way to locate it is to look for Honda showroom where Nasi Goreng MPR is just roughly around 100 metres away.

Speaking of car, sometimes you’ll find them snaking down by the side of the road. Why? Because if you’re feeling too lazy to get down from cozy car seat, just roll down the window and holler. Here, you can enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own automobile.