4th April 2019
Serene and minimalist, Myriad’s stripped down interior is enhanced with their comforting dishes and charming desserts that please the eye.

South Jakarta seems to be a gift that keeps on giving for the food enthusiasts. By now, almost every inch of the immense area is filled with F&B establishments set to please with their own unique spin on fares that’s close to heart. And along the popular Wijaya strip is Myriad that welcomes flocks of any kind to its serene restaurant.

To your delight, a charming makeshift garden welcomes patrons as they make their way into the restaurant. The crisp nordic-themed interior would do a fine job entertaining your weekend brunch and casual meet-ups, as well as hosting the white-collars during the week cosily nested in one of the quiet rooms built especially for business affairs.

For fares, Myriad serves up comforting, hearty dishes that fuses the best of Asian and Western cuisines. To wit, share a plate of the Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab to lift up the mood. As for your mains, who can pass a bowl of pasta? At Myriad, have the Three Musketeers, where the spaghetti is doused in signature tomato-based sauce and crowned with towering butterflied prawns to please the eyes.

But certainly, the day wouldn’t be complete without your usual coffee. The Kopi Susu Aren is good as your morning dose and as an afternoon pick-me-up. Otherwise, there’s also the Blue Sky Mojito that would easily catch your fancy for refreshments. Meanwhile, the beautifully-plated desserts are hard to turn down.  Just look at The Miss O-Pear; the whimsical plating of a poached pear and a cracked egg is in fact oozing with miso chocolate milk ganache and lavender granita.

The cherry on top is Myriad’s composed and relaxing ambience that would make time in here easily fly by. That being said, no one would need much persuasion to make their stop at the establishment. So, don’t shy away from Myriad; you’ll likely be one of the many to find their way here from now.