4th March 2014
At Moje, vintage inspired furnishings charm not only with its aesthetic but practicality as well.

Shopping for vintage items can be a challenging engagement. Not to mention that it is capable of blowing a big hole in your wallet. But what if you’re just into vintage style items minus the past part?

Founded by Kim Ki Suk and his wife, Theresia, Moje is a furnishing store that specialises in vintage inspired furniture and home ware with an inclination towards clean and industrial finish. Kim has a hobby of collecting old and unused woods. Thanks to this hobby, he noticed that there are plenty of leftover woods that are not utilised to its maximum potential. As such, all the furniture and home ware in Moje are the results of the recycling process of those materials.

Produced from a workshop in Bogor, to simply call them recycled furniture would be unmerited. The products displayed in Moje displayed remarkable quality and craftsmanship. The strength of Moje’s products lies in its characteristic. It has just the right touch of “undone” to suggest the idea of vintage while fully maintaining its practicality. And achieving that balance is definitely not a child’s play.

It’s hard not to lose your sense of time among the shelves, cabinets and chairs. Even though, all of the products may not be arranged to give an illusion of a house, a sense of home is immediately established.

Currently, Moje is only available in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) area. But delivery service will be provided for free with minimum order.