Mister Sunday

31st May 2016
What started out as a hobby in baking brownies has turned into a full-fledged cafe venture called Mister Sunday, serving Asian-Western fusion and other comfort foods in honour of what slow Sundays are made of – light and casual moments.

Those who are into brownies might have heard about the sweet treats from Mister Sunday.

What started out as a hobby for the founders of the graphic design studio BrownfoxYusuf Yap and Fergie Sutanto, has since evolved into a full-fledged venture for the food-loving duo: a cafe aptly called Mister Sunday, in courtesy of what Sundays are decidedly made of – light and casual moments.

Stepping inside, the simple and functional way of Scandinavian design graces the interiors. With soft hues of mauve pink and gold lamps dotting the tables, it easily sates most people’s desire for a visually pleasing ambience to their dining experience.

Under the direction of chef Hilman Firmansyah, the menu delivers Asian-Western fusion; Thai fish cakes served on a bed of English muffin with poached egg, pork belly open brioche sandwich spiced up with sambal matah, alongside light-hearted comfort foods ideal for slow Sundays such as buttermilk chicken wings and French toast with crispy pork bacon, as well as lighter options such as halloumi cheese salad to balance the palate.

As a place that aims to satisfy both your appetite and curious mind, writer friends of the founders regularly updates Mister Sunday’s website with editorials from interviews with artistic individuals, to movie reviews and even cooking recipes – these make up the content for which the duo hopes to compile, publish and share in-house with the regulars of Mister Sunday.

And such engagement is what makes a trip to Mister Sunday more than just about the food. These reads will make for a fitting companion to your cup of coffee served over charming ceramic coffee cups by the famed Ayu Larasati and their famous homemade brownies, with flavours ranging from salted caramel to the popular espresso Lindt chocolate brownies. Having a taste of their brownies requires some luck on your part as they are sold out pretty fast in the day.

Sundays are typically filled with ambivalence. You either heave a sigh of relief or feel frustrated with what awaits you in the coming week. But at Mister Sunday, its deliberate effort to affect you with a carefree attitude lets you tackle the week ahead with a clear mind.