Mikkro Espresso

9th September 2020
Amongst Senayan’s list of hangout spots, newcomer Mikkro Espresso is kicking the coffee scene up a notch with their foolproof brewed beverages, Asian mains and comforting baked goods that will set anyone in an affable mood.

By now, the name Giyanti Coffee Roastery must strike a chord with the city’s coffee connoisseurs. On top of their specialty cuppa under the hands of experienced baristas, Giyanti’s claim to fame is also driven by personal customer’s experience where visitors can get a drift of the coffee they’re sipping.

Good news for their frequenters, Giyanti has recently come up with their latest offshoot down south with Mikkro Espresso in the Senayan neighbourhood. With a fresher take to its forerunner, the new coffee shop hones in on Asian fares to round off their caffeinated offerings.

Their moniker itself is taken from the Greek’s prefix, mikró, meaning small. Just like a coffee bean, Mikkro aspires to strike a strong impression despite their scale. This can be seen from their unfussy abode, where the two-storey coffee house charms with its vintage touch; rattan table sets, vivid old-fashioned tiles in a similarly archaic building. Once in, you will be greeted with warmth by the baristas-on-session and aroma of freshly brewed java. 

For their bill of fares, Mikkro has a repertoire of Asian comfort food that stretches from breakfast to main courses. To the early birds, it’s only fitting that you pair their selection of croissants, such as their Ovomaltine or Thai Chicken Croissant with a classic cuppa joe like piccolo or a regular cap. Already an ace in the brewing business, any coffee at your disposal is bound to be a catch. However, don’t miss out on their refreshing house special Es Pasar Antik; the joint’s take on much-hyped kopi gula aren.

When it comes to the mains, savour in their hearty Deep Fried Chicken Sambal Matah served alongside a bed of rice and coated with shredded mango, or slow-cooked Beef Ribs Rendang for those in favour of rich spices. Should you plan on having it the true Indonesian way, then call for their Tahu Pong and Bakwan Sayur for a little party to share.

While Senayan never falls short of F&B experience to offer, Mikkro draws us in with the nostalgic spell found in Giyanti, making this spinoff coffee shop feel familiar and affable to have in the posh neighbourhood.